Alternative Action was founded in the fever of fermentation and in pursuit of a differeyearsnt management model of the problems and issues of human society, a fever experienced by our country since July 2011, in the large demonstrations in Syntagma Square, as well as in squares of other big cities of Greece. It was a period of a great and diverse crisis (economic, institutional, social,ecological, political and moral) as a result of the policies implemented decades ago, to serve the interests of various business groups (Greek and foreign). The political party system not only proved unable to manage this crisis, but made it even worse with the continuous signing of memorandums. Until finally in 2015, international financial control was imposed on us, once again in the recent history of our country. The public property, through the Super fund, ended up to be managed by the foreign lenders for 99 years, until 2114.

Living with this devastating experience for nature and society and finding, as we said before,that the political party system is unable to provide a solution, people started to realize that it is necessary to take their own fortunes at their hands, claiming direct and decisive participation in all decision-making institutions. The slogans for direct democracy and self-management dominated in all open assemblies in the squares, as well as in mass movements in the whole country.

In this climate, a group of friends and comrades, who participated in those combatant events and discussions, which were real celebrations of democracy, took the initiative to establish Alternative Action.



All of us, who participated in the first discussions, agreed that the answer all the political parties gave then, and continue to give to deal with the crisis, that is the famous “growth” or “development”, green or otherwise, which they connect in the mind of citizens with better or new jobs, the “progress” and “prosperity”, not only cannot solve the great problems of nature destruction, of economic impoverishment and continuous limitation of social rights and freedoms, but sharpens them even more.

Therefore, we found that to assign all those problems solutions to party representatives, or other “representatives” has no positive prospect. Furthermore, affected by our participation in open meetings in the squares, we began to discuss in regular meetings about the creation of a new type of collectivity. A collegiality in which the participants will organize events, actions and competitions through open procedures, both for the protection of our common property (nature, free spaces for entertainment, monuments of culture and history) as well as for the defense of social rights and benefits. Also, people involved will highlight the need of management of these common goods by the citizens themselves through autonomous institutions, which they themselves will create and operate with direct democracy.

Our goal is, as it was in the past 10 years, to contribute to a better understanding of the elements that are vital for our survival, well being and quality of life. Nature and natural ecosystems, energy, water, open spaces, beaches, forests, historical monuments, artistic creation, entertainment, education, health, transportation, human and political rights, all are common goods. It is absolutely necessary on the one hand to defend them from the threat of turning them into merchandise (commodity). Something that capitalistic brutality has in store for them. On the other hand, we need to manage common goods ourselves, not the state that supports their commercialization and their sale to private companies.     

With these considerations in mind we decided that Altarnative Action will serve the following principles;

  • the economic development of society must aim at meeting the real needs of people and in conservation of the planet natural resources.
  • Interventions in nature must be characterized by complete respect for natural ecosystems (forests, rivers, coasts, seas), which are non-negotiable public goods.
  • All people have the right to enjoy free of charge basic services that contribute decisively to a quality life, such as health, education, social security, culture and sports. The provision of all these is a responsibility of the state.
  • No human being can be superior or inferior because of color, origin, politics, religious beliefs or gender.
  • All people have the right to participate actively and equally in social life and have a decisive say in a decision making about issues that concern them.
  • Alternative Action collective goals will be claimed through peacefull means. Based on these principlels  we will strive for a socially and environmentally righteous organization of our society, because only such a society can ensure quality in our lives.